SAMIRA WINTERSamira Winter is a Brazilian Native who’s part of Boston of dream-pop band Winter. It seems that moving is in her blood, because after Brazil and Boston she’s now settled in the musical epicenter that’s Echo Park. Her debut cassette Tudo Azul (Everything’s Blue) of soulful garage pop has just been released on LOLiPOP and it’s like putting on a pair of blue-tinted shades and seeing a happier, lighter world.

Dona Clarinha is like walking in the tall grass on a early summer’s morning, flowers in bloom around start dancing with each other and creating colours you’ve never seen before so you walk up to a knoll and sit under a tree to absorb the beautiful picture nature is painting for you. You close your eyes for a second and as you open them, in the distance you see your friends slowly making their way towards you in awe of the surroundings. As the last of your friends arrives smiles start flying around you all start feeling a sense of unity that can only be expressed through a dancing salutation to the day.

Check out Dona Clarinha below and go get Tudo Azul cassette on LOLiPOP HERE.

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