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J.C. Satan are a prolific quintet from Bordeaux, France who play a boppy blend of stoned fuzzy garage punk. In the five years they’ve been together they’ve released a whopping 4 albums and 8 EPs. Their latest (and first) release on Trouble In Mind is the stompy Italian Summer where several instrumental and vocal layers intertwine to create a trippy, scuzzy atmosphere that doesn’t get lost in itself, but manages to keep a firm anchor on reality.

Italian Summer is like finding yourself in a small village you’ve never been before in the hot afternoon sunshine. You’re not sure what you’re looking for but you’re pretty sure this is the place where it’s at. You check your pockets but only find a pack of broken cigarettes, you try to put your sunglasses on when a sudden gush of wind on the street corner blows your hair from your eyes. As you try to figure out your purpose you see a beat up bus station standing before a field of golden wheat. A loud sun stained blue bus arrives at the stop and waits for you to get on. You look around, jump in and ride it to the end of the line where you find more sunshine, confusion and a beach where it never ends.

Check out Italian Summer below and go get the multicolored 7″ HERE.

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