pat thomas

Pat Thomas is the bassist for The Cool Ghouls, which if you’ve been reading the blog, should know pretty well by now. His solo material is not entirely different from the band’s output, but it’s material that couldn’t be held captive inside his mind for too long, and therefore had to be released.

Not Right Now is a slice of California Sunshine, and an ode to the City By The Bay via Laurel Canyon:  “I’ve been East/I’ve been West/but the shit they got in Frisco/is the shit I like the best”. Picture yourself sitting on a hillside in the afternoon in pinewood forest, the wind is blowing the leaves on the trees and the branches make room for some sunlight that shines on your face. You start thinking that there’s no other place you should be, turn around to see no one. You lie down on the pine-needles with a smile on your face, when a familiar sound wakes you up. It’s your alarm clock, you’re in bed and you don’t need this to end. Not Right Now.

Listen to Not Right Now below and go get his debut album, Coasters Riding In The Air digitally here, and on cassette on Burger Recordshere.

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