black lips

The Black Lips are back with Underneath the Rainbow, their new album co-produced by The Black Keys’ Patrick CarneyThe Black Lips are certainly not inventing anything here, but more than anything continuing on the same wavelength as their previous album, Arabia Mountain did in 2011. The producers’ chair was then occupied by Mark Ronson who made their druggy garage punk a little more accessible by adding a few 60s studio tricks to the mix.

You may have seen the video for their first single Boys in The Wood, a splattery blues crack-fest in a forest, where Deliverance meets Breaking Bad, courtesy of the ATL Twins. On second single, Justice After All, their drummer, Joe Bradley takes on vocal duties in an all out stomper with lots of fuzz and the usual couple of chords. It’s not the most interesting song, but it’s most definitely lots of fun and will have you shaking your ass for the rest of the day.

Check out the homecoming video for Justice After All below and go get Underneath The Rainbow out on Vice Records, here. 


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