Whoa, what’s with these guys, they never screw one up!

I’ll tell you what’s with these guys: they believe in what they do with all their heart but still don’t take themselves seriously.  I told you about them a month ago, when they were still trying to get funding for their Tour of Struggle of the US, which thanks to gigs and crowdfunding they’ve recently achieved. If you’re in the US, go see them at one of these shows, and thank me later.

Whether Yellow Woman is a song about being in love with Marge Simpson or a distorted hallucination is debatable, but what is certain is that it’s one of their most trippy and stripped down songs, with keys, voice and guitar creating a deranged, yet comfortable atmosphere.

It’s like lying on a mattress thinking about your lover in the afternoon, the window where half a curtain hangs is blown by the wind and you catch a glimpse of an eclipse. You close your eyes and when you open them you realize it’s midnight, and there are no windows in sight.


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