I’ve been trying to find more information about Union Pacific, but there is nothing out there except these dudes, the fact they’ve just released their Self Titled cassette on Lolipop Records, they are from San Francisco, they record at home and that their guitarist plays a Telecaster.

On the Soundcloud page for Old Conversation, their first single, Lolipop describe it as ADDICTING JANGLY DREAM-POP GOLD FOR REMINISCING ON A RAINY AFTERNOON, which is pretty much on point. The song begins with a jangly reverberated riff and dives into an almost Violent Femmesque riff and chorus that make you think of driving a car down a familiar coast highway on a rainy late winter afternoon and looking out the window.

You can spot the palm trees around which you drank last summer, the beach where you lit that bonfire that you all danced around and start laughing, thinking about that episode that went down with your best friend. You close your eyes for a moment and realize that it’s alright, winter’s almost over and soon you’re gonna be doing all these things again, one year wiser.

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