A couple of months ago while in London I finally met up with Black Market Karma, the South London psychedelic collective that have been churning out multiple albums a year for the past few years. Their name implies what they’re all about, in these days where piracy, youtube downloads and P2P sharing are the common norm they burn the bridge and allow ALL OF THEIR CATALOG to be downloaded for free from their label’s website, Flower Power Records, in the hope that Karma will eventually bring back the fruits of their hard labour.

We met at their gig at the Social where Tess Parks opened up for them in mid-August. We had a few minor technical problems and couldn’t shoot the Session we had planned for, so we arranged to meet again the following week.

I took a train down to Crayford where the BMK studio is and we took a stroll through the suburban town to find the right location for Stan Belton, the band’s vocalist would play me a couple of unplugged songs. The location we found was the Crayford Cemetary, where we sat on a bench surrounded by mossy tombstones and falling leaves. Both songs that Stan played for me were previously unrecorded and he played them on his beautiful cherry red VOX Ultrasonic semi-acoustic.


Strung Out

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