A few months ago, thanks to a post by Dangerous Minds I stumbled across what they had labeled as Mindblowing Psychedelia From Thailand and quite righteously, my mind was blown. The band in the video they posted was playing at some sort of rural function, with seemingly handmade instruments and one of the most interesting instruments I’ve heard a Thai Lute called the Phin, electrified, and with copious amounts of reverb. Because of that post, which sparked interest in experienced ears worldwide, they were contacted by L.A. producer Josh Marcy through his local Thai Restaurant’s staff, after which he traveled to Thailand and recorded an album’s worth of material, to be released on Innovative Leisure records on August 26th.

Lam Phu Thai #1 is like waking up in the early morning on an exotic beach, under palm trees whose leaves are gently brushing each other. At the horizon, behind the dark fluffy clouds that brought last night’s rain, the red morning sun is shining through, sending its rays to reflect on the water. As you start walking on the wet sand in front of you to wash your face in the water you find a strange seashell on the bottom of the sea. As you pick it up and put it to your ear, you start hearing sounds of mystical faraway lands and tales of lost loves and gained battles. As you walk back to the nook next to your tree, the clouds fade and the sun shines on your face and on an orange alabaster mushroom that’s growing out of the palm tree.

Check out Lam Phu Thai #1 below and pre-order the album HERE.

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