doors tribute

Cleopatra Records has lately been having fun with psych music (as most of the world is) and released a Christmas Album with all the season’s favorites revisited by the most important psych bands around. Their latest project is Psych Tribute to The Doors. You may be forgiven to think The Doors were already pretty psychedelic themselves, but that’s until you hear what this next array of bands is doing with The Lizard King‘s classics.

On this cut, Elephant Stone take on one of the band’s later songs, L.A. Woman, only we’re not at The Chateau Marmont, but at The Hacienda in Madchester. This is what The Doors would have sounded like if they were born twenty years later and came of age during The Second Summer Of Love.

Listen to L.A. Woman below and get  A Psych Tribute To The Doors here.

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