i don't know how it happened 3


The Cobra Lamps – The Indicator (UK, 2016)

Sensations Fix – Barnhaus Effect 2 (Italy, 1977)

Chetro & Co – Pietre Numerate (Italy, 1968)

Donovan – Clara Clairvoyant (UK, 1970)

Vivien Goldman – Launderette (UK, 1981)

Paul McCartney – Dark Room (UK, 1980)

Achab – White Lights In Summer (Italy, 1978)

Boogarins – San Lorenzo (Brazil, 2015)

The Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do (USA, 1970)

The Bozones- Stone Crazy (USA, 1972)

The Butthole Surfers – The Colored FBI Guy (USA, 1989)

Maki Asakawa – Govinda (Japan, 1972)

Alice Coltrane – Rama Guru (USA, 1987)

Krokodil – You’re Still A Part Of Me (Switzerland, 1972)


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