Trade Truths For Mysteries

July – You Missed It All (UK, 1968)
Ofege – Devil’s Work (Nigeria, 1975)
Pax – Exorcismo (Peru, 1969)
Founders 15 – Don’t Take Me For A Ride (Nigeria, 1977)
Los Jaivas – Corre Que Te Pillo (Chile, 1972)
Otha Turner – Shimmy She Wobble II (Afrossissippi, 19??)
B.L.O. – Chant To Mother Earth (Nigeria, 1973)
Agitation Free – Rucksturz (Germany, 1972)
El Alamo – Malos Pensamientos (Peru, 1971)
El Polen – Mi Cueva (Peru, 1972)
Alice Coltrane – Om Shanti (California, 1987)



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