LUKUNGU: A Rare Zamrock Mixtape


Ngozi Family – Viva Ngozi

The 5 Revolutions/Boyfriends – Fwebena Zambia

The Tinkles – You And Me

The 5 Revolutions – Boys and Girls

Jeff & The Explosives – Journey To Kasama

Paul Ngozi – My Little Jeni

Born Free – Messed Day

The Tinkles – Muchacho

Keith Mlevhu – The Law Must Change

Paul Ngozi – Akazi

Dr Footswitch – Otenta

The 5 Revolutions – Muchonde

All the records in this mixtape were bought in the dusty streets of Lusaka, Zambia while working on “We Intend To Cause Havoc” a documentary on legendary Zamrock band WITCH. 

Set recorded on the Brilliant Corners sound-system in London.

Excuse the hisses, crackles & pops.








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