Black Market Karma, the relentless South London collective captained by Stan Belton, are back with their 6th studio effort, aptly named The Sixth Time Around. As with all their other releases, it was recorded at their home Cocoon Studio and is available for free download on their label, Flower Power Records, website.

Wherever You’d Like is finding yourself walking alone down a rainy street at night while grey souls pass you by never lifting their eyes. Like them, you look down at the ground but then spot a luminous coloured spirit in the corner of your eye, as you lift up your gaze, a cosmic connection makes your hearts collide. Together you start to drift away, leaving trails of colours and sounds behind, guiding you to a familiar place where you’ve never been before but can now call home.

Check out Wherever You’d Like below and go get The 6th Time Around HERE – or on Amazon and Itunes.

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