John Wizards — Finally/Jet Up (South Africa, 2013)
Batsumi — Anishilabi (South Africa, 1974)
Geranium Pond — No Elephants In My Garden (UK, 1967)
Levis Vercky’s — Meca (Angola, 197?)
Chaweewan Dumnern — Sao Lam Plearn (Siam, 197?)
Yanti Bersaudara – Lembur Kuring (Java, 1972)
Yenjit Porntawi — Lam Plearn Gok Kaa Kao (Siam,197?)
Louiz Banks — Song For My Lady (???, 197?)
Oladepo Ogomodede — Take Five (USA, 197?)
John Leyton — Johnny, Remember Me (UK, 1961)
Strawberry Alarm Clock — They Saw The Fat One Coming (California, 1968)
Death And Vanilla — California Owls (Sweden, 2015)
Captain Beefheart — This Is The Day (California, 1974)
Kaleidoscope — Once Upon A Time There Was A World (Mexico, 1968)
Jason Crest — Teagarden Lane (UK, 1968)

DOWNLOAD HERE (via Dropbox)

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