In The Shadow Of The Wave

P.R.O. (People Rock Outfit) – Blacky Joe (NIGERIA, 197?)
Falcons – Perdido En El Universo (SPAIN, 1978)
Clouseaux – The Kiss Of Ku (TEXAS, 2011)
Nina Simone – Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter (USA 1970)
Reme Izabo’s Music Research – The Same Man (NIGERIA, 197?)
American Wrestlers – I Can Do No Wrong (SCOTLAND/USA 2014)
Coke Weed – Dead Man Walking (MAINE, 2015)
WITCH – Jah Let The Sunshine (ZAMBIA, 1984)
The Upsetters – Wap You Waa (JAMAICA, 1968)
Relatively Clean Rivers – They Knew What To Say (USA, 1975)
Batteaux – Tell Her She’s Lovely (USA, 1973)
We All Together – Bluebird (PERU, 1975)
The Paperhead – New Trend (NASHVILLE, 2014)
Donovan – Celeste (UK, 1966)
Pink Floyd – Green Is The Colour (bootleg) (UK, 1969)





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