the sky turns blue


Tame Impala — Let It Happen (Australia, 2015)

Winter — Someone Like You (Brazil via LA 2015)

The Limiñanas — Salvation (France 2012)

The Starfires — I Never Loved Her (USA 1965)

Ulrika Spacek — I Don’t Know (London, 2015)

Great Black Waters — Dirty Acid (Sweden/Switzerland 2013)

The Poets — I Am So Blue (Scotland, 1965)

Speed, Glue and Shinki — Don’t Say No (Japan, 1972) 

Heron — Madman (England, 1972)

Sun Bazel — It’s Alright (Party Time) (Australia, 2015)

The Holydrug Couple — Dreamy (Chile, 2015)

Los Jaivas — Mira Niñita (Chile, 1972)

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