Keath Mead is the first signing to Toro Y Moy‘s Chaz Bundick’s label – Company Records. A South Carolina native like Bundick, they headed out to record the debut album, Sunday Dinner in California in many brief sessions spread over the course of the last year.

Polite Refusal is a beautiful  mix between the sun drenched California pop and some of the elements that made Toro Y Moi stand out and progress from chillwave’s 5 minute scene. It’s a distant echo waking you from a sundaze and bringing you right into the middle of a dancing daydream. Around you familiar faces smile and  someone you think you know better than the rest takes your hand to walk you to towards the flowering trees and you let them slip away alone, but before giving them the overthought reasons for your polite refusal.

Check out Polite Refusal below and preorder Sunday Dinner HERE.

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