Hells Angels

The Assyrians — Astronaut (Italy, 2013)
Levitation Room — Loved (California, 2014)
Nueva Costa — Sendero Luminoso (Chile, 2014)
The Vickers — Senseless Life (Italy, 2014)
Psychomagic — Sun Song (Portland, 2014)
5 Revolutions — You Don’t Know Me (Zambia, 197?)
Blackfoot — Groovy Bone (Zambia, 197?)
Amanaz — Khala My Friend (Zambia, 1975)
Druid Chase — Take Me In Your Garden (UK, 1967)
Dorothy Ashby — Soul Vibrations (California, 1968)
Humble Pie — For Your Love (UK, 1970)
Mott The Hoople — Wrong Side Of The River (UK, 1970)
Donovan — New Year’s Resolution (UK, 1970)



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