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Last summer I met up with Swiss-Italian group The Pussywarmers and their  Hungarian-via-Berlin songstress Réka Csiszér in Lugano to shoot a Jammed Tapes session. When I got there, we went to visit an old abandoned mansion on a hilltop they somehow had the keys for. With frescos on the ceiling, a beautiful view of the mountains and the lake nearby it was the perfect place to set up the next day.

The following day, when recording the dynamics quickly changed from an acoustic session to a plugged in, stripped down rendition of some of the songs off their excellent latest release, “I Saw Them Leaving”. As the day passed we filmed a few songs with the beautiful location as a frame.

Under The Sea is an invitation to an underwater dream dance where red corals are the trees and multicoloured fish are the birds flying over your head. The moonlight shining under the sea reflecting on tiny grains of sand turning them into stars, the seaweed smoke giving your vision a purple hue. 

There Are Always Two Answers is a lovelorn story about different outcomes, a lovesick romance leading to a freakout, a breakdown necessary before getting back on your feet.

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