Cool Ghouls are back! Their sophomore album, A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye recorded by Sonny Smith (of Sonny And The Sunsetsis a considerable step-up from its (nonetheless awesome) predecessor in terms of recording quality and musicianship. The West Coast influences rooted deep into the San Franciscan soil they step on daily shine through, as does the demise of a city whose artistic integrity is slowly making way to a new form of tech yuppism.

The Mile is like walking back home after having expanded your mind at a party down the street. Walking through your neighborhood you notice how many things have changed since you first moved. The little things that made you comfortable have now given way to things you find alienating. As you flick your cigarette on the sidewalk you notice someone on the other side, looking at you strange, just like you stare back. A little weirded out by the fact that you feel like a guest in the surroundings of your home, you realise you’d been walking the wrong way, you laugh to yourself and turn around. When you finally walk through your porch you’re welcomed by a cloud of smoke, music and smiles. Sometimes all you gotta do is walk that extra mile.

Check out The Mile below and look out for A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye, out on Empty Cellar Records and Burger on November 11th.

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