The Grease Arrestor are a Sydney based quintet formed by three Sydneysiders, a Wollongong native and a New Zealander who play droney shoegaze psych that owes as much to BJM as it does to the Dark New Wave bands such as New Zealand’s Beat Rhythm Fashion. Their debut album What Was, Is came out earlier this year but they’ve already been working on the follow up due out in the next months.

Come Together is a long journey in the end of summer on an unbeaten road, rolling yellow hills around you, and a trail of dust rising behind your car. As you start reaching your destination atop of a dormant volcano where your gathering takes place, you realise you’re the first one to have reached it. You light up and watch the smoke rise out of your lungs and out your nose. You look down across the valley and see multiple dust clouds on the roads leading up towards you, it won’t be long till you’re all united again. You start to hear a distant drum beat and car tires on the gravelled roads, the cars arrive with people hanging, laughing and singing out their open windows. The sun starts to set and the moon rises shining down on all of you, and as you dance and hold hands standing on the rim of the crater you together become the transmitter between the earth’s core and its satellite.

Check out Come Together below and look out for updates on their album on the Facebook Page.

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