the abigails

The Abigails are former Growlers percussionist Warren John Thomas’ Satanic Outlaw Country project. His cursed sophomore effort Tundra was released last year on tape and is finally seeing the light of day on more conventional LP and CD formats through Burger Records. The dusty tales of his encounters with Jesus, the Devil, substances and missed relationships resonate through his low voice while his rhythmic strumming does the rest to create a mist of heavy smoke that’s hard to want to see through.

Medication is like waking up in the morning thinking about yesterday’s troubles that have slipped into today. You reach for the nightstand and shove whatever you find on it in your mouth. The light shining through your windows turns blue as you lift your head from the pillow and exasperate your gloom. You get out the house and forget about your problems for a little while, until the worries start creeping in the back of your mind, at which point you pop another and start forgetting them again, remembering that tomorrow is not your problem.

Check out the “educational” video for Medication below and go get Tundra HERE.

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