balduin 2

Balduin, the Swiss Alchemist of Pop behind last year’s excellent The Glamour Forest has finished his new album for Sunstone Records which will be released in October. All In A Dream, his latest effort, is a paisley whirlwind blowing through a baroque-pop forest, picking up popsike flowers on its way and spreading them on a fairy tale landscape to create a magical, oneiric world where curated gentle psychedelia dances and flirts with pop sensibilities.

Kite Come Back is like standing an empty field on a late summer afternoon, looking up at the sky where clouds slither the sun and form a hazy aura around it. As you look down you find a piece of string tied to your belt that leads up to a distant figure dancing across the sky. You take the colourful thread in your hand and start to pull it towards you, but as you do, it pulls you back towards it. You start walking in its direction, and for a moment you feel your feet slowly lifting up from the ground and brushing against the tips of the tall grass. You pull the string towards you and when your feet start to touch the ground again you start to remember where the string came from, and how what’s attached to it has drifted too far away from you. You start to reel in the string and as you do the colours around you start to change, the sky slowly turning green and the grass below you starts to turn blue. As you finally see the other extremity of the string you realise that another you is attached to it, and as you pull each other towards the horizon you finally find your feet and become one again.

Check out Kite Come Back below and look out for All In A Dream HERE.

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