Tomorrows Tulips are back with more 90s bummer pop on new album When, out on Burger Records on October 7th. On this album, pro surfers Alex Knost (vocals, guitar) and Ford Archbold (bass) are joined by drummer Jamie Dutcher, and judging by the first song off When, their sound hasn’t veered too much from their previous effort, maintaining a droned, laid back groove.

Glued To You is a slow-burning whispered tale of finding someone that can change all your bad habits and never wanting to let go of them. Like waking up on the couch with a blurry mind and walking out to the burning sunshine to find another new day with nothing to do until you see a silhouette in the distance dragging their feet towards you. As you both look up at each other, you drop your lighter on the ground while trying to light up the cigarette that’s resting in the corner of your mouth. As you look in front of you, you see they’ve dropped their cigarettes and have their lighter in their hand. You both smile and walk towards each other and complete each other’s morning smoke. Without saying a word you walk away in the morning sun together, not knowing or caring to ever be apart again.

Check out Glued To You below and catch them on tour in Australia and Europe in the fall while you wait for When to come out. 

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