HOMESHAKE is Peter Sagar‘s side project from his guitar duties with Mac DeMarcoThe Edmonton native’s musical vibes follow his bandmate’s into chilled lo-fi rock and roll that’s perfect for a horizontal position trying to find patterns in the ceiling. His latest album, In The Shower will be released on Captured Tracks‘ sister label, Sinderlyn on October 7th, and if this first song is anything to go by, it will be the soundtrack to your Indian Summer.

Cash Is Money is like waking up with a mild headache a Thursday night and looking in your empty pockets for some sort of change to make it through the night. As you check your phone you see a message sent to you by someone you stopped caring about, and wonder if who you really want to hang out with will ever show up. You walk around your living room trying to find a roach, a cigarette butt or the remnants of a beer,  as you lift up a can and bring it to your mouth you find all three in one and rush to spit it out in the sink. You look at the moon outside and decide it’s time to take a walk, as you put your jacket on your phone starts to ring, it’s who you want it to be and they’re waiting for you at the bar downstairs. You lock your door and as you put your keys in your jacket pocket you find a forgotten bill folded in a crease, you smile and realise that maybe tonight cash will help keep your hearts warm for the night.

Check out Cash Is Money below and pre-order In The Shower HERE.

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