There must be something in the air in Chile that’s turning bands into psychedelic explorers breaking down barriers of sound to create beautiful pastiches of music that the mind can easily travel on. Nueva Costa are from La Florida in Chile and their dreamy sunshine stained pop is a natural blend of early Pink Floyd experimentations wrapped in beautiful pop songs.

Cerro del Sol is like walking up a hill on a warm summer evening, waiting for the sun to set. Around you the dry vegetation creates shadowy patterns on the red ground while a pink cloud slithers the orange sun. Birds fly across the sky in formation creating kaleidoscopic patterns across your vision, when you look back towards the ground you see a silhouette walking up the hill towards you as though it were floating above the ground. As your mind starts to wonder where this encounter could go a slight transparency starts to affect the figure, who slowly starts to disappear as the sun sets behind the hill. As the air around you starts to change the now transparent figure embraces you, and you embrace it back, turning your day into night.

Check out Cerro del Sol below and go get their album El Gran Espirito HERE.

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