When I first heard GOAT about two years ago I got the immediate urge to start a bonfire and manically dance around it wearing a mask. Sadly that never really became more than a fantasy, but now, upon hearing the first release from their upcoming sophomore album, Commune out in September on Rocket Recordings, it’s good to know not much has changed, and the urge is back . Their perfect blend of Tribal Rhythms, Middle Eastern scales, Wah guitars, Fuzz and Chanting is enough to wake a primordial feeling that resides deep in all of our souls.

Hide From The Sun is like finding yourself on top of a desert dune at dusk, in front of you the mysterious sky is covered by high clouds, starting to turn a purple hue from the setting sun while the ancient land is occasionally illuminated by sudden green flashes. You look down at your hand and notice a serpentine pattern you’d never noticed before which reminds you of the contour-line of the dunes that surround you. As you try and make some sense out of this cosmic coincidence, a light starts shimmering in the corner of your eye. You turn around and see an enigmatic, transparent sparkling stone with the same waved pattern. You pick it up and try to superimpose the horizon on the carved line with your marked hand, and as you do a green flash blinds you and turns you into ethereal astral matter.

Check out Hide From The Sun Below and pre-order Commune out on September 22nd HERE.

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