Tim Presley and Ty Segall make quite a team, on their first collaboration, 2012’s excellent Hair, they combined forces and created one of the best psych pop albums of the last years. For White Fence‘s latest album, To The Recently Found Innocent, out on Drag City on July 22nd, Presley stepped out of his home studio and took his demos to Ty Segall‘s home,  where they crafted the new album, experimented and laid down another beautiful album. The winning formula of White Fence’s spaced out psych distortions combined with Ty Segall‘s gaRAGE works perfectly together, and if Like That is a taster of what the rest of the album’s gonna sound like, it looks like we’re set for the summer.

Like That is opening your front door in the early morning and stepping out on the street. As you start making your way to work you bump into some children on their way to school, screaming and laughing, playing around not worrying about anything. As you keep walking you see a bunch of teenagers hanging out by a bench smoking a fat one giggling and singing to each other, you smile, reminisce, and walk on. You then see a bunch of college students, some are staring at the sun and walking, whilst others stressing about some impending deadline. As you finally arrive at the office building you see your reflection in the glass doorway, your long face and the bags under your eyes give away the freedom you lived yesterday but are now having to pay for. As you sigh, your body takes over your mind – your heels turn, you face the sun and make your way to the closest park, sit under a tree, turn off your phone and close your eyes. Time to get back to living your life your own way, not like they want you to, not Like That.

Check out Like That below and pre-order To The Recently Found Innocent HERE.

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