the squids

The Squids are an LA four-piece (formerly Heroes and Heroines) who have recently released their debut cassette, Wizard Of Loneliness on Lolipop Records. Their blend of breezy garage pop is a kinda like getting bubblegum stuck on the bottom of your shoe on the way to the beach and bopping to the rhythm it makes as you walk.

Blondie is like walking to a friend’s house party on a summer evening, the sun still shining on your face and through your sunglasses as you knock on his door. As he comes to open the door you walk across the room and towards the rooftop, where you see a blonde silhouette facing the view talking and laughing with a friend of yours. You grab a couple of beers and walk towards them and as you’re introduced your eyes lock into each other and enter another dimension where the sun turns blue and the sky is a bright orange. Together you fly across a strange galaxy until you’re brought back to reality when your friend turns up your favourite song, kickstarting a night neither of you will forget.

Check out Blondie below and go get Wizard of Loneliness HERE. 

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