The Growlers just don’t know how to screw up. They’ve been churning out beautiful country surf psych – or beach goth for the last 8 years, and every song’s lyrics and music fit together like a glove every time. Chinese Fountain, their latest effort will be released on September 23rd and Big Toe is the first taste of their slightly more refined direction. Their move from their home studio into an actual studio means that they have managed to take some of the grittiness out of their sound, but the beach vibes are still definitely there and it always feels like a drunken night at a beach dive bar.

Big Toe is the tale of being bewitched by a beauty underneath which lies an uncomforting darkness. Like picking the most beautiful flower out of a forbidden statue garden and feeling a poisonous tingle coming up from your hand to your heart. You cannot stop staring at its perfect symmetry and intoxicating smell but soon your vision starts to blur and you can’t find the balance to stand on your feet. You suddenly find yourself lying on the grass staring at the sky, clouds forming in your mind and led filling your veins. You know you should let go but the feeling’s too strong and so you take another whiff with your last breath. As your head starts to spin your stare comes down from the sky and that’s when you notice the features that surround you. With a last, puzzling look you get the bitter realisation that you’re just this statue garden’s latest addition.

Check out Big Toe below and look out for Chinese Fountain out on Everloving on September 23rd.


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