ALLAH-LAS — 501-415


The Allah-Las don’t need much of an introduction as they’ve been solidly releasing beautiful, nostalgic California beach garage pop ever since they met working at Amoeba Records a couple of years back. 501-415, produced by friend and collaborator Nick Waterhouse is the first single to come off the much anticipated and aptly named second album Worship The Sun, out on Innovative Leisure later this year.

501-415 is like walking down a sand dune barefoot on the way to the beach where your lover is waiting for you smoking a cigarette in the wind, facing the sea. Every heavy step you take downhill makes you slide a little longer, and it seems like you will never make it down to the beach. As you try to jump and roll down, they take the last drag of the cigarette and with a gush of wind disappear in the sandy storm coming from the sea leaving you halfway up a hill with nowhere to be but by yourself.

Check out 501-415 below and go get the 45 which comes with a special wooden spacer HERE.

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