Peter Matthew Bauer is one of founding members of The Walkmen – who went on extreme hiatus last year. Just like two of his previous band members, he now will release his first solo album, Liberation! on Mexican Summer later in June. His musical direction is one inspired by Eastern Mysticism combined with Western 60s pop psych sensibilities, resulting in a beautiful amalgamation that allows the mind and soul to travel on a sun stained dashboard on a highway.

I Was Born In An Ashram is like opening your eyes and seeing a different world you knew existed, but never experienced. The novelty of the beauty around you fills up your heart and soul, each day brings a new lesson and you soon start learning the world’s ways in this new perspective. Suddenly when you start to think you’ve almost learnt everything you go into a place you never noticed before, as you enter this strange place, warning bells in your mind start to ring and the deeper you venture the darker it gets. You turn around and go back to your previous world, but will never forget the joy and the fear of both the dark place and the happy place, which in order to grow you must now leave behind.

Check out I Was Born In An Ashram below and pre-order Liberation! out on June 24th HERE.

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