elephant stone 3 poisons

Rishi Dhir and his Elephant Stone put out one of the most interesting albums last year. Perfectly blending Classical Indian elements (Rishi is a master Sitarist and played with The Black Angels and BJM amongst others) with the sonorities and the spirit of both summers of love, they manage to create something that references to many past eras and creates something beautiful and unique on its own.

Three Poisons is like finding yourself in an exotic land at dusk, the setting sun forming a purple hue on the clouds above that reflects in the green sea in front of you. As you get up to walk towards the bridge that took you where you are, a chill starts running up your spine and the impending darkness around you starts to engulf your mind. In the distance you see brightly coloured lights coming off in patterns from a small white building with three round windows and walk towards it, holding onto the bridge’s railings. The lights start spinning more and more with every step you take eventually forming a dark messy rainbow that guides your mind’s confused trajectory to the mysterious building. As you finally get to it, you hear hypnotising music coming from inside and as you open the door a bright light blinds you and your ego disappears out the windows into a wormhole too deep to understand. When you come to you find yourself lying down inside white walls as the sun’s rays lick your face and the blue sky your mind’s been reset and you’re ready to walk towards the light.

Check out Three Poisons below and pre-order their new album, out August 24th HERE.

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