Universe are based in Portland and have just released the first snippet of their upcoming album, The Center Of Information which will be out later in the summer. And from Olympus Mons it’s easy to tell my why. A summer sketch worthy of the The Durutti Columnits traveling guitar riff feels like the warm air that keeps a seagull gliding across the evening sky near the beach.

You’re waking up from a strange daytime dream that had you in a grey and hot dystopian mess.  As you try to open your eyes the sun coming through the leaves of the tree above you creates blinding patterns that won’t allow you to get your bearings. As you try to cover your eyes with your hand to get a better idea of where you are, you feel a hand on your shoulder, you turn around and see a familiar silhouette that hands you a tropically coloured cold steaming magical potion that feels like rain in the desert on your sticky tongue. In the distance a space volcano starts to erupt, and you realise that you should prepare for the heat and together with that friendly presence you jump in the sea but as soon as you immerse yourself in the water you open your eyes and find yourself back in that neutral coloured room. A grey machine is beeping in front of you and grey people are walking around you. The same familiar figure taps you from behind and warns you to try and stay up or THEY will notice. You turn around, take their hand and walk to the door, this is part of life, but outside there is so much more.

Check out and float away on Olympus Mons below.

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