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Terraforma, running its first edition this weekend, is a festival that promotes eco-sustainability and experimental music. Unique in its kind, it will allow for a extra-sensorial experience where sounds will blend in with the beautiful surroundings of the garden of Villa Arconati, on the outskirts of Milan. The synthesis will create a magical environment where the sparse sounds of the universe will become one with the concentrated minds and hearts of its participants.

Last week, at their performance for the Terraforma warm-up event, I met up with Californian experimental duo Sun Araw and their touring partner, the mystical, musical pioneer Laraaji. Together we discussed the journey in their music and the places their inspiration takes them while experimenting, and how to get to the place where “The Ceiling Becomes The Floor“.

The following is a short film in which boundaries and traditional conceptions are blurred to give the viewer a glimpse inside the mind of these pioneers of the unknown musical frontier.

Get tickets to TERRAFORMA here.

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