tele novella

Tele Novella is a fourpiece from Austin that play dusky, reverb drenched late 50s rock mixed with some girl group crooning and visual lyrics. Rising from bands Foxtrot and Agent Ribbonsthe band is soon to release a tape of their infectious rock and roll through Lolipop Records.

Trouble in Paradise is walking into a late night joint with red velvet walls, spiralling carpets and a dusty chandelier. As you stumble towards the smokey bar to order a stiff drink you notice a figure leaning on a metallic pillar, puffing away on an old cigarette. In the cloud of smoke behind them a piano player and his lounge singer cover of a song that you remember hating a few years ago, and as you reminisce about a different time in your life the bartender snaps his fingers at you and serves your drink. You take the first sip while the smokey figure strolls behind you and whispers an address in your ear, leaving a key next to your glass. Skeptical, you grab the key and walk out the door where the first rays of an early summer morning crack through the clouded sky. As you see the figure speeding away in a white car and heading west, you light up a cigarette and laughing to yourself you decide to follow it towards the dark, endless night.

Check out Trouble in Paradise below and go get the 7” out on American Laundromat Records here.

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