Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab is a Glaswegian duo composed by Joe Kane and Stu Kidd, and in their own words make the music Todd Rundgren should be dancing to. If you close your eyes you can definitely spot  A Wizard and A True Star dancing to Paul McCartney fronting The Monkees, drunk  on a magical potion consisting of cider and early electronic juices.

Trading Time is finding yourself lost between yesterday and tomorrow in a strange, alien land. The future’s primordial soup is boiling in front of you with a strange synthesized instrument emerging from its centre.  There are purple fauns playing the harmonica dancing on the edge and when you look above you see a flock of miniature-sized green biplanes flying in circles in the opposite direction. Your hands are unrecognizable to your own eyes but you know what keys you should press on that strange instrument. You start walking towards it but a bright shadow from the sky blinds you and you fall into the pool, only to wake up to a repetitive synthetic sound that tomorrow they used to call an alarm clock.

Check out Trading Time below and go get their debut album, Ever Evolving Lounge out on June 30th here.


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