Kim House is the mastermind behind Echo Park Psychedelic Doo-Wop outfit Kim & The Created, which mainly consists of herself and her musical creations. Her hypnotic rhythms are like the constant crashing of waves of a deep fuzzed-out sea onto a beach of snotty, Crampy vocals, where a breeze of reverb can often turn into a gale.

Get What I Want is like a night out drinking where you won’t go to sleep until you’ve gotten what you came out for. The bar’s closing bells are ringing, your hair is wet and you couldn’t care less if you look like a mess. You shoot the rest of your beer and walk with towards a figure you’d spotted earlier in the evening who’s stumbling towards the exit. As you’re about to call them and put your arm on their shoulder, someone from behind grabs you by the wrist and  takes you back into the dark and beautiful unknown.

Check out Get What I Want below and go get her self titled EP out on Lolipop here.

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