Save! is Craig Higgins Jr’s (Mutado Pintado, Black Daniel, Paranoid London), Marc Nguyen Tan’s (Colder) and Saskia Sansoms latest project. Although they have never met in person, from their music they sound like they are one. The music blends Colder’s quasi reggae/dub electronic landscapes with Craig’s deadpan vocals and Saskia’s angelic voice. The end result is what they like to call an abandoned hotel room somewhere between England and Spain.

Rainy Monday is trying to open your eyes to start another week after two days spent exploring the outer limits of society and of your mind. Once again, you squeezed the fun you could have had in a whole week in a weekend, and now it’s impossible to find a reason or the strength to get out of bed. You look out the window and see the city coming back to life under a grey sky and a drizzle of rain, the grey suits blend in with the sky and the urban landscape to form a colourless and lifeless alternate reality. Yeah, life was better when those green and purple streaks were flying across your visual field just the other morning in your warped version of reality, but now it’s Monday again, life must go on and you gotta pick yourself up, just another rainy Monday.

Check out the video for Rainy Monday below and go get their debut EP here.


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