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Last Friday I met up with The Entrance Band before the second-last night of their European Tour in Milan to shoot a Jammed Tapes Session. The power trio composed by singer/guitarist Guy Blakeslee was initially simply known as Entrance and in the following years was completed by bassist Paz Lenchantin of Zwan and A Perfect Circle who is also currently playing with the The Pixies, and tight-as-fuck drummer Derek James.

Live, the band’s dark, heavy psych takes you down an iridescent wormhole where flashes of dark purple will contort the green around you and form a fungal landscape. Before their gig though, once night had fallen, we found a dimly lit little corner on the outside area of the venue where they performed two stripped down songs off their latest album, No Needs and Fire Eyes. If the plugged in versions of both songs are what I described above, when performed acoustic they reveal the beautiful underlying sentiment that’s present in all their compositions, like a rose picked out from a bush of thorns.

Check them out below and go get their album, Face The Sun out on Brooklyn based label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records here.

No Needs 

Fire Eyes

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