Cygnus Dreams is the solo project of Los Craters guitarist and vocalist Johann Richard Arango and as you can probably tell from his name and song title, it’s pretty oneiric. It’s a beautiful mixture of guitars, horns and sentiment that encapsulates a beautiful journey into the an unknown, yet familiar mental magical land.

Dream Lovers is like riding a White Swan into the early morning sun after a sleepless night, having now given up the search for the love you had been looking for since sunset. Your guardian animal flies you under a willow tree where you find a silhouette in a similar sate as yours, stepping off a peacock into a shallow, sparkling stream. As the figure turns, your eyes lock and your mouths simultaneously let out an uncontrollable smile that quickly seals your lips into the new day.

Float Away on Dream Lovers below and look out for news on his release on Pizza Party Music.

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