Boys Age create a unique bittersweet atmosphere, like waking up to a rainy morning and choosing to hide under the covers for the rest of the day. Formed in 2010 in Saitama, Japan by Kaznary Mutow and Takamasa Kobayashi, they draw their inspiration from Yo La Tengo, Mac DeMarco, and The Velvet Undergound, to make inspiral, spacey bedroom psych pop which they like to call sci-fi pop.

The Harvester is like staring at the afternoon sun through a tinted glass, coloured rainbows of light glistening and flashing in every corner of your vision. Somebody behind you starts talking to you in an incomprehensible language you seem to understand better than your own. The hypnotic games of light in front of you capture your attention, but the voice leaves an increasing trail of mystery lingering behind it. You turn around and see a familiar figure you’ve never met before and can’t look away from. Together you walk outside into the sun and as your pupils adjust to the light in front of you, you find a mixture of all your past lovers intertwined into a future one before your eyes. You smile as you start to realise what is happening, but before you can grasp onto it, they’re harvested from your life and evaporate into the sunlight.

Check out The Harvester  below and go get their latest tape, Amazing Stories out on Plastic Response Records here.

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