Magpies are known for stealing shiny and glittery objects from humans and taking them to beautify their nests.  San Francisco’s Electric Magpie do the same as the black and white bird in a musical context. If we consider their music like a magpie’s nest then psych would be the twigs that form the core of the nest while their shiny threads that glitter when the sun shines on them from the right angle can be anything from folk to blues to punk.

Airport Blues is a supersonic trip through airport security and into the blue unknown for a lover with who you’re through. While you walk back to your car you spot a strangely piloted aircraft, whose jet engines leave colored chemtrails that paint fluorescent rainbows in the sky. As you gaze up you see the trails twirl, condense and drizzle down on you. As you breathe in the greyness in your mind turns into a technicolor dream vivid enough to forget your blues and look for your dancing shoes.

Check out the video for Airport Blues by Pizza Party Music below and go get their excellent debut album Begins, out on Lolipop Records, here.

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