jeffertittie's nile

Jeffertitti’s Nile are Jeff Ramuno’s (Father John Misty’s Bassist) band, and to put it quite simply, are a trip and a half. Crafting music that’s effect heavy and is laden heavy effects, drawing as much inspiration from the early Laurel Canyon scene as it does from post-punk and heavier, 80s space-rock, creating a potion that’s sweet for your ears to swallow while sending your mind to a parallel dimension.

Upside feels like walking backwards up a hill reminiscent to the Southern Oracle in the Never Ending Story, the night sky moving at interstellar speed to show you where to place your next step on an astral diagram. The wind hums a familiar melody between the rocks and boulders that makes you float higher and higher towards the peak, one backward step at the time. Suddenly the stars get brighter and the wind starts bellowing, you’ve reached the peak when you realise that for everyone else you’ve actually reached is rock bottom. It’s nothing that worries you, you’ve always lived your life upside down.

Check out Upside below and go get their excellent sophomore album, The Electric Hour out on Beyond Beyond is Beyond here.

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