Drippy Eye Projections is two artists that have revived the old technique of liquid light first popularized in the 60s by artists such as Joshua White and Elias Romero, who thanks to oil paint bubbling and boiling between two sheets of glass on top of a projector turned gigs in the late 60s into full blown psychedelic multimedia experiences. Curtis Godino, half of this duo also has a musical project called Worthless, where he gives a soundtrack to the oil paint, and expands his art to yet another sensory experience.

Freakout is like flying away on a speck of dust that’s floating around your room on a sunny morning, going towards many different directions all at once but on a warm current that keeps it afloat. You look down at your hand and notice flowers beginning to grow between your fingers, you look up in sweet confusion as somebody opens the window and you fly outside, the sun beacons becoming your vessels towards the greener grass that’s on the other side. Your new fingers of flowers grow to be dandelions and their seeds fly towards the purple green sky. You stare at the sun and close your eyes in a smile, when you start to hear a distant, familiar sound that gets closer and closer and starts to rip you away from this magical land. Now you sadly start to realise that the sound is that goddamn alarm clock and that this was all just a dream, and you automatically do what you do every time you wake up. Freak out.

Check out Freakout below and pre-order their EP The Greener Grass out May 27th on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.


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