corners split

A few years ago, when I first got into garage punk and psych, I got obsessed with the Pebbles compilations, as, for some reason, I thought Nuggets was too commercial (!) I wanted to dig as deep as possible in the most obscure corners of the 1960s countercultural and pre-1967 garage movement. There was something in that stoned unrefined sound, with those dissonant surf guitars piercing my ears while a simple three chord rhythm drove the sound forward over barely decipherable vocals that just blew my mind. The doors in my mind were flung open and my ears would never listen to music the same way again.

Corners, definitely channelled the Pebbles raw vibe on their excellent first release, and now on their latest single Pressure they’ve refined their sound while keeping all the garage psych elements there. It sounds like what a crystal clear recording from a basement in late 1966 would have sound like, it’s missing a little grit, but still kicks ass. Pressure feels like a arriving late to a suburban basement party where green and purple lights draw strange shadows on the walls and ceiling. In the corner a band is playing to a sweaty audience that are having a simultaneous epiphany, discovering the mysteries of space and time. You look around you and try to communicate but everyone is on a different level you can’t reach without something that’s already finished. You want it, look for it but can’t find it, your friends have turned into bursts of light and the ceiling is suddenly under your feet. That’s when you realise that there may have been something in that drink and there’s no pressure, you’re all on the same trip.

Check out the video for Pressure, featuring Cherry Glazerr’s Clem below, and go get their Split 7″ with Dirt Dress here.

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