Tashaki Miyaki isn’t a Japanese man as you may have thought, but a trio from LA composed by drumming singer Lucy, bassist Dora and Rocky, their guitarist. Their sound is like a sea of shoegazey distortion and reverb washing on an island of 60s girl group harmonies where Neil Young sits on a beach, hanging his head in thought.

I Came is like walking to a lonely rendez-vous with somebody that’s broken your heart but wants another chance. Your head is filled with deep thought and broken expectations. The closer you get, the further you are from believing anything they’d tell you, past scenarios flash in front of your eyes like a broken tape, static taking your thoughts away from the pain. Once you get there, you realise that you might as well just leave, the dreams were the reason you came and reality is the reason you are leaving.

Check out I Came below and go get their EP Cool Runnings on their bandcamp.


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