FANTASMES  Fantasmes are Puerto Rican band that are releasing their latest EP Thralls to Strange Witchcraft on Last Bummer Records. Their musical palette is a blend of repetitive, quasi-Spacemen 3 repetitive acoustic guitars, Tropicalia and a touch of sinister, unsettling soundscapes.

Shadow Self, the first single from the EP is accompanied by a video that manages to mix a Jodorowsky vibe with the rural, unsettling pagan mystery and landscape shots reminiscent of True Detective. 

The song itself is a five minute journey through a desert with no water, a vulture keeps circling above your head, you’ve lost your gun and your mind is soon to follow. You gaze into the distant horizon where between the heat reflection a dark shape starts to appear. As you walk towards it, the landscape around you starts to change, the sand leaves way for curiously shaped rocks and dead branches. The distant figure slowly becoming closer starts to reveal itself into something you had kept in the back of your mind for long, but can’t seem to remember. You look up and the vulture’s gone, when you look at your holster you find your gun right there where it always should have been, as you start looking around your boot splashes into a puddle of fresh water to quench your thirst. You find yourself back into the midst of a freedom you had forgotten, your life back into your hands and your destiny closer than you had left it.

Check out the video for The Shadow Self  premiering on Noisey below and pre-order their EP, out on Wednesday, here.

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