I told you about Medistation a couple of weeks ago – they are part of the burgeoning Swedish psych scene and are formed by members of The Orange Revival. Their new song, Knives From Bavaria is a four minute flower of sweet acoustic repetition with a distorted fuzzed butterfly flying around its petals.

On a late spring’s morning holiday, you wake up early with the sun gently licking your face from behind the curtains, but you don’t need to get up yet so you close your eyes again. There you lose yourself in sea of phosphene and start dreaming of a windy beach where a strange gathering of familiar faces you’ve never seen before hides behind a warm fire. The flames are burning green while the sky is a deep purple hue, you start dancing to the eternally droning cosmic rhythm and everyone follows you into a celebration of the pink seashore twilight. A sudden honk from outside your window wakes you up out of your dream and back into your holiday, and it’s there that you finally realise that spoons are from Denmark and knives from Bavaria.

Get lost in Knives From Bavaria below and keep up with Medistation on their Facebook page.


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