wheelies Today we’ve got the honor of premiering a song from the Wheelies debut album, Never Die out Tuesday on Swoon Records. Hailing from Tacoma like their label-mates Watermelon Sugar, Wheelies are captained by Patrick Doherty who leads the band in a sea of jagged vibrato garage pop with splashes of (post) punk.

Party Dress is a melancholic Gatsbyan tale of memories taking over the present, grappling on the past and ultimately affecting the future.  Relationships in some ways are like a big night out drinking: at first you don’t really know what’s gonna happen, then as the drinks stack up you start having a great time, laughing, joking, trying new things, then suddenly, for a brief moment you’re flying so high that you don’t know where you until you hit the floor and wake up with a headache that drags on to the rest of the following day. You now are in the cold sweat phase and keep thinking about the fun you had but keep being brought back to reality by that pounding headache that just won’t go away.

Check out Party Dress below and look out for the album on Tuesday on Swoon Records’ bandcamp.


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